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Declaration of Performance / CE marking

Thermoarena products have been assessed according to
a harmonized technical specification and performance is declared as follows:

Thermopine-DoP nr.001

Thermospruce-DoP nr.002

Thermoayous-DoP nr.003

Durability of thermally modified wood

The natural durability of a wood species is defined as its inherent resistance to wood-destroying fungi. Durability of Thermoarena products is tested by CATAS.COM

CATAS TEST: thermopine

CATAS TEST: thermospruce

CATAS TEST: thermoayous

Durability ClassDesignationTimber Life
1Very Durable25 + Years
2Durable15 – 25 Years
3Moderately Durable10 – 15 Years
4Slightly Durable5 – 10 Years
5Not Durable0 – 5 Years