TM Lumber

Thermally modified hardwood and softwood lumber in different sizes.

Thermo Pine and Thermo Spruce

Most of the softwoods (Redwood and Whitewood) in our production are from Finnish PEFC-certified sawmills.

All lumber is live knotty quality, sorted according to our specific and strict requirements.

We select and use only the raw materials that are best suited for our products in terms of type and quality.

Standard softwood sizes:

Thickness: 20 / 23 /25 /32 /38 /50 / 63 mm
Width: 75 /100 /125 /150 /175 / 200 mm

Thermo Pine lumber
Thermo Spruce

Thermo Ayous and Thermo Frake

Thermo Ayous and Frake quality is 3-4 side clear from knots.

Thermo Ayous is used mainly as cladding, ceiling, fence, etc. boards. Many of our customers replace Western Red Cedar with thermo Ayous , as after thermo modification
Ayous durability is the same as Western Red Cedar durability.

Thermo Frake has higher density than Ayous and it is used for decking too. Thermo Frake is a good alternative to thermo Ash

Main sizes

Thickness: 20 / 26 / 32 / 40 /52 mm
Width: 100 / 155 / 205 mm

Thermo Ayous lumber
Thermo Frake